Pricing is always a sensitive subject when it comes to Software as a Service. To put it simply, the base price is less than $10/day.

To put it in a little more perspective, approximately equivalent to hiring a tech for an hour a day who will:

  • Solely work on keeping your data at the pinnacle of organization
  • Never be on their phone, playing Candy Crush, browsing Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit
  • Never get distracted

Depending on how you want to be billed for development work, we charge

$2.75 / hour / month. 

We charge monthly and bill quarterly.

Now, something you’ve got to realize is that when you use our services, our organizations are essentially Getting Married. We’re in it for the long run, and will be by your side for the rest of your days if you’ll have us. When you hire us, your success becomes our success too. If your business fizzles out, we lose. If your business skyrockets, we also succeed.

We’re in it to win it, for both of us. The reason hiring us is like getting married is because as time goes on: your business will change, the Government will change regulations, your management will decide to restructure things, and you’ll come up with new ideas. If your software, as is, is unable to change to suit your needs you will begin to lose efficiency with a mammoth, negatively compounding factor.