Project List

Projects by Industry

Science Labs

  • Tracking: Animals, Assays, Experiments, Grants, Inventory, MSDSs, Procedures, Publications, and Studies


  • Breeding and Management System for Cattle Ranch
  • Landscape Maintenance for Groundskeeping at Movie Studio
  • Chemical Inventory for Fertilizer Warehouse
  • Pesticide Use Reports for Crop Management Consultant


  • Windows Magazine Catalog


  • Guest House Reservation System for Movie Studio
  • Food Service Point of Sale and Accounting for Movie Studio
  • ID Card Printing and Security Database for Movie Studio
  • Store Inventory and Point of Sale for Movie Studio
  • Fitness Center Membership Database for Movie Studio
  • Water Works Database for Movie Studio
  • Preventive Maintenance for Facility Equipment at Movie Studio
  • Sound Studio Client Expenses Database for Movie Studio
  • Shipping/Receiving Automation for Movie Studio
  • Daily Log and Incident Reporting for Fire/Safety Department at Movie Studio
  • Mass Mailing System for Movie Studio
  • Address File for Personal Information and Mailings
  • Shipping Database to Track Inbound and Outbound Mail for Movie Studio
  • Safety Training System Database for Movie Studio
  • Defensive Plays Database for Pro Football Team
  • Scouting Database for Pro Football Team


  • PowerBook Crime Report Database for Police Department
  • Drug Enforcement Database for Multiple-Unit Housing Inspectors
  • Incident Reporter for Fire/Paramedics
  • Donation Tracking and Reporting System for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Building Permit and Inspection Tracking for Town Hall


  • Equipment Package Leasing Quote System
  • Assembly Line Documents and Error-Tracking for Disk Drive Manufacturer
  • Bill of Materials, Work Order &Inventory for Software Packaging Company
  • Parts Inventory for Food Handling Equipment Manufacturer
  • Failure Analysis Tracking for Disk Drive Manufacturer
  • Chemist Research Notebook
  • Inventory: Warehouse with Map Product Locator
  • Ad Response System for Small Manufacturer
  • National Beer Distribution Sales/Inventory Reporting
  • Sales Order Entry with Backorder for Small Manufacturer


  • Medical Data Acquisition and Reporting for Private Neurologist
  • Compounded Interest on Past Due Balance for Anesthesiologist
  • Functional Assessment for Occupational Therapists
  • Architectural Standards/Resources for Wheelchair Patients
  • Occupational Therapy Resources Database for Patients
  • License Renewal Tracking for Doctors
  • Appointment Scheduling/Billing for Medical Clinic


  • Inventory: Warehouse
  • Sales Orders for Fertilizer Distributor


  • Ptolemy—An Intelligent Full-Text Search Engine for Online Databases
  • Vehicle Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System
  • Field Sales Support of Pharmaceutical Reps
  • Tl Linking of Multiple Data Centers

Nonprofit and Education

  • Nonprofit Donor Database
  • Admissions Database for a Private Institute of Higher Education
  • University Library
  • CrimeWrlter—Crime Report Training System for Police Academy
  • Education Library
  • Tracking/Scheduling System for Foreign Exchange Student Program
  • Donor Tracking and Fund Raising for Post-Doctorate College
  • Registration Database for University Staff Development Course
  • Point of Sale System with Bar Codes for Video Rental Store

Office Management

  • Sales Order Entry: Small Manufacturer
  • Job Interview Questions List Generator and Database
  • Tracking of Writers and Publications for Public Relations Firm
  • Office Correspondence and Mailing Manager for Single Person Office
  • Volunteer Database for Church
  • Automatic Invoicing and Check Writing for Investment Consultants
  • Networked To Do and Task Scheduling for Office Workgroups
  • Corporate Investor Tracking for Large Manufacturer
  • Public Relations Management for Communications Consultant
  • Human Resources Job Requisition Database


  • Manuscripts, Reviews, and Authors Tracking for Professional Publication
  • Trade Orders and Commissions Tracking for Capital Management Investors
  • Charity Requests Tracking for Public Relations Firm
  • Appointment and Calendar Scheduling for Multiple Providers for Doctor’s Office
  • Client Stock Portfolio Reporting for Stock Brokerage Firm
  • Job list Time and Material Tracking and Billing for Architect
  • Movie Rating Database for Legal Publishing Firm
  • Time Cards and Billing for Industrial Design/Engineering Firm
  • Multiple Project Tracking/Billing for Hospital Consultants
  • Client Tracking for Executive Placement Service


  • Quote/Invoice/POS for Computer Dealers
  • Menu Planning/Purchasing/Billing for Campground Caterer
  • Catalogs/Signage for Plant Nursery
  • Catalog of Sheet Music for Music Store


  • Ad Response System for Prospect Mailing/Phone list
  • Regional Sales Contest Scoring for a Computer Manufacturer
  • Real Estate Sales Tracking System
  • Sales Tracking and Forecasting for Company with Foreign Subsidiaries
  • Sales Order Entry: Mail Order
  • Manufacturers’ Representative Sales and Commissions
  • Address Files for Prospecting/Response Tracking
  • Invoice System with California Sales Tax Report
  • Computer Equipment leasing Quote System
  • Customer/Work Order/Invoice System for Appliance Repair
  • Warehouse Inventory for Mail Order
  • Invoice/Inventory for Antique Store


  • Service Company Customer/Work Order/Invoice System
  • Calculate and Print Shipping Labels for Magazine Distributor
  • Scheduling of Disc Jockey Gigs for Music Services Company
  • Policy Renewal System for Insurance Brokers
  • Galley Proof System for Custom Imprint Service
  • Work Order and Billing for Maintenance and Repair Service
  • Tracking Service for Battery Services Company
  • Music Library for Disc Jockey Music Services Company
  • Work Order/Billing for Specialty Printer
  • Pagination/Layout Tracking for Small Booklet Printer
  • Aircraft Flight Itinerary/Scheduling
  • Subscription for Monthly Newsletter In Health Industry