Wonderful to Work With

I have been working with a company called Cerné LLC over the past year. I began working with them for simple projects like writing macros codes for use in excel to help streamline large sets of data analysis literally at the click of a button. I have also been working with them on designing a laboratory data management database to track and organize all of the information collected during our studies much like what is done in Industry. Most recently they are designing a database for me to track the success of individual rats within my resident colony (the “bullies” in my resident-intruder social defeat paradigm). I have been very pleased with my communications with them and their data solutions are completely customizable to the specific needs of the study. I am thoroughly impressed with my communication with the data specialist I been working with at Cerné, Noah Harris, and feel confident that they could design a system based on feedback from the [potential client] that will fulfill their needs.”

Dr. Susan K. Wood, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience
University of South Carolina SoM