What and Why

What is a database?

Merriam-Webster defines a database as “A usually large collection of data specifically organized for rapid search and retrieval.”
In short, we at Cerné LLC create a flexible structure for your business to enter data, allowing it to be easily entered, modified, read, sorted,  searched, and viewed.

What does a database do for me?

A database allows all of your data to be accessible from a single software application. The database stores all of your information in a highly-structured manor, easily allowing you to perform tasks. Your database can inherently show trends in your data that might otherwise be difficult to discover.

Your database will allow you to shed the shackles of unorganized spreadsheets and upgrade by implementing a third dimension to your data storage and a beautiful user interface to top it off.

You need a database if…

  • You hate using multiple spreadsheets to track your data
  • You loathe spending hours sifting and sorting through said spreadsheets looking for data
  • You can’t stand staring at the endless grid of characters stretching on in all directions endlessly
  • Your data is still kept on paper
  • Your data needs to be updated in multiple places to stay accurate
  • You’re worried about security
  • You have a large amount of data that needs to be tracked
  • You’re worried about the integrity of your data

Then you might want to consider upgrading to a database made by Cerné LLC.

Who actually needs a database?

The fact of the matter is that all businesses, regardless of size, need a database. Some businesses use pre-packaged databases, Excel spreadsheets, and some may even still use paper.
While all of the aforementioned methods can work:
  • In this glorious age of computers, paper is not an effective medium for searching and analyzing data.
  • Excel and other 2-dimensional spreadsheet applications don’t give the depth required for a proper database.
  • Pre-packaged databases, while a step in the right direction, will never quite fit your business needs as well as they should.

Aren’t custom databases more expensive than one Off The Shelf (OTS)?

Answering a question with a question: Why pay for custom tailored suits and dresses? For our sports fans: why pay the extra money for a mouthguard that you boil?
Simply put, because it’s better. Custom things, in this case, are made for specifically you.
Sure, you are able to buy OTS database software for your company, but what if you want extra features? What if you don’t like the way parts of it behave? What if the UI is horrid and you want it to be changed? What if your business changes or shifts – as they tend to do over time?
With OTS software customer service one of two things usually happens:
  1. You wait on hold for what feels like forever with a customer service representative, only to have your words effectively fall on deaf ears.
  2. You just have to get over it.
With a custom database constructed by Cerné LLC?
  1. You contact us, and we’ll work with you personally to resolve the issue.
  2.  If your business changes or shifts, we’re happy to work with you to implement new features, remove obsolete ones, and/or modify existing ones.

Why use Cerné LLC?

Cerné has a long history of success working with high-profile clients:
  • Apple
  • Disney
  • Lucasfilm Ltd
  • Quantum Corp
  • Filemaker Inc.
Plus over 250 other clients with a combined total of 800+ successful projects
  • With employees on the East and West coast, we’re available to help whenever you need us.
  • Doesn’t matter where you’re located (next door or a different continent), if you have an internet connection, we can help you.
  • We have over 30 years of FileMaker experience, and we’ve been using it since it was called “Claris.”
  • Our databases support Linux (via webDirect), as well as both Mac and PCs.
  • While many businesses use SQL developers to create databases for them, FileMaker is the fastest database development environment. Taking only 20%-30% of the time required to create a database compared to Oracle or Microsoft Access, Cerné LLC can save you thousands of dollars. Let me crunch some numbers for you:
Say it takes you 1.5 years to create a database in-house. If you’re paying a Software Engineer $60k/ year, you’ve spent $90,000 to make your database. Going with the worst-case scenario, if it took us about 1/3 of the time – or 6 months – to create your database, we’d have saved you $60,000. Not only that, but you would have your working database for a year longer.

Why use FileMaker?

FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary. Even the most staunch advocates of other companies have to admit that Apple’s software stability is second to none. There are also frequent updates and revisions, keeping the software well maintained.
  • FileMaker software is available on both Mac and Windows machines.
  • FileMaker can be both a front and back end solution.
  • FileMaker works in many languages from around the world.
  • FileMaker serves all kind of hardware like desktops, iPhones, iPads, and servers. It can also be used with iBeacon and to create iOS mobile apps to serve your business on-the-go.
  • FileMaker can be hosted on Amazon Cloud.
  • FileMaker accepts internet browser clients with or without custom web development.
  • FileMaker has a comprehensive ability to talk to other software with multiple data format import and export. It can also talk to several software languages directly, like PHP and XML.
  • FileMaker’s licensing costs are reasonable, and can easily fit in a business’s budget, large or small.